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Why do we chase diets? They never bring fulfillment emotionally and leave us with temporary success. That’s why I am a dietitian against diets. I have witnessed hundreds of people struggle and carry this emotional burden with them. And I am determined to change that by teaching a new approach that is grounded in:

  • How to balance life
  • How to build self-importance
  • How to re-establish the relationship with food.

My goal is to create a self-care revolution – Helping people to evolve from past practices of fad failures and chasing diets to a liberating way of living and connecting with food.  I shift mindsets and create new perspectives that promise long-lasting change physically and emotionally.

Let me join you on your journey to winning this forever!

“My mission is to nudge you to recognize who your adversary is and face it with confidence!”

As the dietitian against diets, Reshaunda has taken proven practices she have used with hundreds of individuals. This book promises to changes your perspective, mindset, and overcome the life-long struggle with food.

Play to Win is filled with practical strategies that will debunk diet mentalities and provide winning ways to overcome the fight with food. Learn how to disconnect the emotional ties. Apply approaches that are sustainable. And be prepared to have a new, freeing perspective rooted in self-care & self-love.

Let’s start with my book!

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Wellness Speaker
+ Excitement?

You are the driver – move from the backseat!

Wellness Speaking is my heart & my art.

My path to evoking conversations began when I had my first nutrition segment of FOX2
NEWS St. Louis. My energy and engaging topics created a stream of nutrition segments. I
now appear regularly holding more than 75 segments as the nutrition expert. Whew!

Reshaunda Thornton

Wellness Public Speaker,
Dietitian & Nutrition Expert

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