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You are a dietitian?” That’s a question I get asked constantly. Most expect to see a medical coat, a notepad, and an apple. I completely understand that’s the typical dietitian look! In my mid-twenties as a single mom, I decided to make some career changes that moved me across the country. This choice took me back to college where I acquired another degree and second career as a dietitian. I quickly chose to work in the field of preventive health and dove right in by starting my private practice called BetterVessel Nutrition. My life has been about taking risks, learning about myself, and making a choice to steer my own ship.

The “Evolution of a Dietitian” is when I have realized my overlapping specialties. I hold degrees in Human Biology, Psychology, and Nutrition? Yes I can synergize all of these skill sets to formulate a unique nutrition approach.

I challenge the idea that healthy eating means restriction and I reveal the connection to what drives our choices. I did not push the easy button! That’s fine with me because I am able to focus my work on:

    • Consulting individuals through their journey to better health
Reshaunda Thornton

Wellness Public Speaker,
Dietitian & Nutrition Expert

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