Educating and Empowering Change

With over 75 Nutrition Segments on FOX2 News and a recent TEDx Gateway Arch speaking engagement, I have graciously become a sought-after wellness speaker with high energy presentations, speaking to religious leaders, business professionals, entrepreneurs, organizations, and events wanting to bring quality to their audience. I have earned the reputation of educating and empowering change to health and building a partnering relationship to how we interact with food and ourselves.

TEDx - Winning Your Food Fight!

My unique message comes from topics such as…

The Ripple Effect

For Leaders: With leadership comes stress and lack of time to pay attention to your health and food choices. However you are leading people, ideas, and change. How can your positive self-change create a ripple effect on how you lead and motivate others to be at their best.

Be Your Front Seat Driver

As parents, caregivers, and helpers we all tend to take the backseat and focus on he care of others first. Is this an excuse or a natural role? Consider how much effective you can be when you add a bit of self importance to your health! Let’s learn to get in the front seat and take the wheel of your health and life.

Shift Perspective, Change Habits

Habits don’t change until our mindset changes. I will provide 5 steps to shifting your perspective that will reveal new ways to see and new habits to establish.

Overcoming the Adversarial Relationship With Food

Did you ever stop to think what kind of relationship you have with foods? What really triggers your actions? What keeps you in the same loop? The answer feels like BOOM! I will teach 7 ways to win this fight.

Why “DIET” Thinking doesn’t work

I will discuss typical diets we have all tried. The worse ones and ones that may be a good fit for you. I also will provoke your thoughts on why diet thinking has kept you on a roller coaster. And I will provide solutions to a long-lasting, healthy way of eating.

Winning Your Fight With Food

“How to Win” strategies (based off Play to Win The Food Fight Book) to overcome the fight with food and health.

Reshaunda Thornton

Wellness Public Speaker,
Dietitian & Nutrition Expert

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