A Different Dietitian:
Nutrition + Human Biology + Psychology

I am here as your nutritional navigation system. It is easy to “follow” a meal plan. But what happens when stress comes, you forgot your lunch, or you are losing motivation? My specialty is dealing with those obstacles and helping you establish a lifestyle that works for you.

In need of some guidance to finally get out of the diet chase?

Want to understand what works for you personally?

Recognize you have been singing the same tune for years?

If you are ready for long-term changes
and want to be liberated from your past attempts I am here!


We meet for a one to one discovery session to understand (In Person/via Skype)

  • Goals
  • Past attempts
  • Life routine
  • Current food choice
  • Where you are
  • What has held you back
  • How you want to change…for good!
  • Create a customized program as a team, to fit your needs and your life dynamic
  • Accountability, Consistency, and Self-efficacy
  • Bi-weekly (60 min) sessions
  • Constant nutrition revisions – As your body changes, your food changes
  • Monthly measurements – To ensure change is happening
  • Around the clock service (Phone, Skype, Email, text)

1 month – $352
3 months – $739
6 months – $1275

6-week Program

There is always more ways to make changes and I’d rather them still be customized to fit you. I provide a 6-week option. This will get pounds as it can be a small investment for a possible large outcome.

It’s Easy!

Simply fill out the Nutrition Customized Program and I will create a 6 weeks program that will get you started in the right direction. Give yourself 6 weeks and if you can do this – it could be the best fit for you!


6 weeks – $140
6 weeks + 2 (30min) consultation sessions – $205

Reshaunda Thornton

Wellness Public Speaker,
Dietitian & Nutrition Expert

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