Podcast Grit + Heart Monthly Panel Series: Brand Builders – Personal, Products, and Services.

February 4, 2021by Reshaunda Thornton

I am no expert but my next panel of leaders have it all and ready to share their stories, how they have positioned themselves, and the struggle it took to get there! Hear how Mary Clarke, co-owner of Mother Modeling LLC has built an international empire. How Julie Mossler, chief marketer, is now one of Business Insider’s top tech 50. And Mich Hancock, the co-founder of TEDx St. Louis and owner of 100th Monkey discusses how she uses her unique skills to amplify platforms.

Learn about Julie Mossler: https://www.juliemossler.com/

Learn about Mary Clarke: http://mothermodel.com/

Learn about Mich Hancock: https://100thmm.com/

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